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The Island Explorer is designed to offer a vacation experience that is better for you, better for our island community, and better for future generations of Acadia National Park visitors.
     Here are just a few of the things you will accomplish when you include the Island Explorer in your vacation plans.
Picture of buses along the Bar Harbor Village Green

1. GAIN EASY ACCESS TO SHOPS AND RESTAURANTS. Get off the bus in village centers in Bar Harbor, Northeast Harbor, or Southwest Harbor without searching for a parking space.

2. IMPROVE SCENIC VISTAS. Without lines of parked cars, we can all enjoy roadside views of granite, trees, and water, instead of shining steel, glass, rubber, and plastic.

3. HIKE YOUR FIRST CHOICE TRAILS. Island Explorer bus riders will not be turned away by overfilled trailhead parking areas.

Bus riders don't unload bikes and kids while parked on the shoulders of narrow two-lane roads.

5. CONTRIBUTE TO CLEANER AIR. Islalnd Explorer buses burn clean propane fuel to reduce nitrogen oxides, which are ozone-producing pollutants.

6. AVOID 2-HOUR PARKING TICKETS. Most kayak tours, whale-watch trips, boat cruises, and trolley tours take longer than two hours. The majority of parking spaces in Bar Harbor are limited to no more than two hours.

7. ENJOY TEA & POPOVERS. Ride the bus to the Jordan Pond House and enjoy lunch or tea & popovers served on the lawn overlooking Jordan Pond and Penobscot Mountain.

8. KEEP BIKE LANES OPEN. By using the bus you will help remove overflow parking from bicycle lanes on the Eagle Lake Road and the Park Loop Road.

9. PRESERVE VILLAGE LIFE. Residents and visitors alike value our small-town quality of life. We will all enjoy it more if village streets are less crowded with cars and recreational vehicles.

10. KEEP ACADIA OPEN. Acadia National Park can accommodate more visitors, but not many more cars. By using the Island Explorer you will help postpone any future decision to limit access to Acadia National Park.

The Island Explorer is operated by
Downeast Transportation
PO Box 914
Ellsworth, ME 04605
(207) 667-5796

For email inquiries, [email protected]